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      62G New Product Launch
      Mar 27, 2020

      This is an automatic tools change high speed spindle motor and mostly applied to 3C industry like the mobile phone top glass screen or bottom cover grinding, hole drilling, shape milling and surface polishing, etc. Thanks to the high speed up to 60000rpm, the milling, grinding and hole-drilling can reach very high quality level. It can be used to process toughened membrane glass which also called as tempered glass screen protector. It's perfect to machine 0-0.07mm thickness glass. Sometimes, it is used to machine Aluminum, Arylic sheet and patterns as well. Many customers use it to mill Titanium alloy, Zirconia and Ceramic for false tooth making.


      1. Sophisticated structure design, simple and compact configuration ,easy to take apart for bearing replacement and maintenance;

      2. Well developed and matured product;

      3. Most reliable performance and quality with the run-out 0.001mm and vibration value <0.8mm/s;

      4. Very high rotation speed up to 60000rpm;

      5. Widely used in 3C industry with most sales volume and best price;

      6. Optional with bearing made by GMG, FAG, SKF, China and ceramic bearings;

      7. Optional with two powers of 1.8 and 1.5kw; 1.2kw is made to customer demand;

      8. Automatically tool change;

      9. Short nose for customer need;

      10. Good looking appearance with quality anodizing of the cylinder area;

      11. Temperature sensor is built in normally except that a customer doesn’t need it for low cost.

      62G 1.5kw 60000rpm high speed cnc machine spindle

      62G water cooling spindle

      62G 1.5KW 60000rpm water cooling atc spindle

      62G 1.5KW 60000rpm

      62G 1.5KW ATC spindle motor for cnc router

      62G 1.5KW

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