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Cnc Spindle Industry Road
Jan 03, 2020

Recently, the Ministry of Industry quoted the United States advisory body Gardner statistics in the world machine tool market, China's machine tool exports in 2014, 3.3 billion US dollars, accounting for less than 5% of the world's total machine tool consumption; and Japan and Germany accounted for more than 10%. At the same time, the domestic much needed high profile CNC machine tools are quite dependent on imports, such as automotive imports accounted for more than 40% of the equipment. China's high-end machine tool industry development long way to go.

Recently, the "Made in China 2025" will CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment as "to accelerate the breakthrough strategy of the field of competition," which proposed to strengthen the forward-looking deployment and key technological breakthroughs, and actively plan to seize the future of high technology and industrial competition, improve the international division of labor Level and voice.

CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment is the equipment manufacturing industry, "the machine machine", a country's machine tool industry, technical level and product quality, is to measure the level of its equipment manufacturing industry an important symbol of "Made in China 2025" CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing The equipment industry is one of the strategic areas of China's manufacturing industry, mainly due to its "anchoring" role in the international division of labor in manufacturing, especially in the manufacturing sector: CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment The foundation of industrial value generation and the fulcrum of industry jump are the core of basic manufacturing capability. Only by having a solid foundation manufacturing ability can it produce advanced equipment products to realize the production of high-value products.

However, the relevant responsible person of the Ministry of Industry, China's machine tool industry in the world machine tool industry and the global machine tool market occupies an important position, but still can not be counted as machine power. Compared with the world machine power, China's machine tool industry still has a certain gap, especially in the performance of high-end machine tool is not strong.

In addition to the international competitiveness is not strong, the core of domestic machine tool parts development needs to be strengthened. At present, domestic functional parts of the machine can not meet the requirements of the host, regardless of the variety, quantity, grade can not meet the requirements of the host, domestic mid-range supporting functional parts market share is still to be improved; high-end products to a large extent rely on imports.

In addition, China's machine tool industry development pressure is high. According to data released by Gardner in the United States, global machine tool consumption in 2009 was $ 75.3 billion, up only 0.3% from 2013, and global machine tool production fell for three consecutive years. Global machine tool output in 2014 was $ 81.2 billion, down from 2013 %, China's CNC machine tool industry continues to pressure running, the overall downturn in the range. In 2014, the domestic metal processing machine tool production fell 2%. At the same time, the domestic market demand for imported machine tools did not fall in decline, in 2014, total imports of machine tools 17.78 billion US dollars, an increase of 10.8%.

"This shows that the domestic machine tool industry is difficult to meet the high-end needs of enterprises, the domestic machine tool industry to bear the cyclical pressure and structural pressure of the double superposition, urgent need to find a new breakthrough in development." Ministry of Industry and relevant responsible person.

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