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Jan 07, 2020

This model is designed and made for heavy duty cutting of metal and non-metal materials.

With more power and bigger diameter of 120.0mm,and up to 30000rpm,it has been used with CNC and CNC router in many industries like the mould/die making,Aluminum extrusion profile processing,wooden,stone,etc for milling,grinding,cutting,drilling,tappping etc on metal and non-metal materials.It can carry out heavier cutting,thanks to more powerful motor and stronger body.

With an encoder (optional), the rotation speed and angle can be well monitored therefore tapping process can be conducted better.

Two set of approach switches are installed in for sensing if the tool holder has been released or tightened. This helps better and safer control the automatically tool change.


1. Standard BT30 tool holder;

2. Sophisticated structure design, simple and compact configuration ,easy to take apart for bearing replacement and maintenance;

3. Well developed and matured product with option of bearings made in German, Japan and China like GMG, FAG, SKF, etc;

4. High rotation speed up to 30000rpm;

5. Most reliable performance and quality with the run-out 0.001mm and vibration value <0.8mm/s;

6. Automatically tool change with two set approach switches of sensing if the tool holder is tightened or not;

7. An encoder is optional for better monitoring of rotation speed and angle;

8. Good looking appearance with quality anodizing of the cylinder area;

9. Air sealing at the front end to stop tool lubricant, metal bits or other foreign materials entering in the spindle.

10. Temperature sensor is built in normally except that a customer doesn’t need it for low cost.

11. Optional with more powers of 7.5 and5.5Kw;

12. An option with flange for its installation onto a CNC.

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