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Our Quality BT30 Spindle
Nov 20, 2019

We recommend our BT30 7.5kw 30000rpm spindle to you.

1.high precision:
Spindle can achieve high speed, large feed for product processing, with very short spindle start and stop time and machine tool change time, so as to obtain a very high processing efficiency.At the same time, the spindle's dynamic and static gyration accuracy ≤5um, with unparalleled high precision, dynamic balance grade up to G0.4, with stable and efficient processing capacity.
2.Diversity selection
Customers can choose to match cylinder, cylinder, machinery and other tool changing methods according to customer own needs;Can choose according to the size of the machine Φ 120 - Φ 125 mm diameter spindle series products;At the same time, optional flange installation, clamping installation and other clamping methods;
3.High reliability and stability
The optimization of structural design, improve the reliability of the validation, 100% full spectrum monitoring, more than 5 million times in life of tool change, perfect to ensure the quality of the spindle, spindle nose and air curtain seal and labyrinth seal combined with dynamic pressure seal of trinity seal way, which to avoid water, dust and other foreign matter, guarantee the spindle reliable operation for a long time, at the same time the spindle can be compatible with world famous brand system perfect, to ensure stable and reliable product processing.

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