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      Our Star Products 1230A-BT30
      Jan 06, 2020

      Product description

      7.5kw/5.5kw 30000rpm metal cutting spindle motor.

      High efficiency: the highest rotating speed is 30000 rpm, the power is 7.5kw/5.5 kw respectively(optional), High speed and fast machining, flexible tool change and stable performance. Installing encoder can realize quasi-stop.

      High precision: taper hole runout is less than 0.001, reaching the same level abroad.

      Long service life: The most advanced foreign ceramic ball bearings are adopted, and the vacuum dipping treatment of motor wire wrap is unique in the country.

      High rigidity: (1) The main shaft has a compact structure and all parts are machined by grinding. (2) The bearing is preloaded with high-load spring, which makes the work vigorous.

      It is widely applicable to cutting, edging, polishing and polishing aluminum products, steel products, castings, wood, marble, various plastic plates, etc.

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