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      Our Mission
      Contact Us
      • MOBILE:+8618038825870 , +8615180038849

      • No. 5-6 of East Road 2, Lianhe Industry Zone of Luo Cun Shishan Town of Nanhai District, Foshan City

      • E-MAIL:sales3@eejaxt.com, sales5@eejaxt.com,

      • TEL:+86-757-81263106

      Provided REAL high quality spindle motors

      How we achieved this ?

      Joint-venture Company, strong capital support,gurantee excellent sale-after service

      Studer,TAKISAWA,DOOSAN,SUNNEN CNC machines, precision ±0.001mm

      13 years experience, R&D team come from the famous spindle motor company .

      constant temperature assembly workshop

      All main parts come from famous suppliers

      TOP 500 company supplier, strong quality control

      MDR for material/process/quality plan.

      SOURCING/SCREENING for foundry with competitiveness of quality/price.

      FAI for first article approval.

      Order Review for on time delivery.

      Inventory Building for short time delivery.

      Continual improvement with material/process/mould/fixture to reduce cost.