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      • MOBILE:+8618038825870 , +8615180038849

      • No. 5-6 of East Road 2, Lianhe Industry Zone of Luo Cun Shishan Town of Nanhai District, Foshan City

      • E-MAIL:sales3@eejaxt.com, sales5@eejaxt.com,

      • TEL:+86-757-81263106

      0.5kw Dental Spindle Motor

      This product is a dental engraving electric spindle with a maximum speed of 30,000 rpm and a rated power of 0.5 kW. The 0.5W denture engraving electric spindle is custom-made for engraving dental dentures. It is mainly used for the processing of soft materials such as zirconia of denture machines, and is widely used in the field of dentistry. It is specially designed for high-precision milling of various metals and non-metals....

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      Product description

      0.5kw 30000rpm air cooled dental spindle motor.

      Our this spindle is a successfully designed and market-well-accepted product, and has been widely used in the industry of the denture making. 40,000rpm and 0.5KW parameters can meet the all requirement of engraving/milling need of Zirconia material for false teeth fabrication. It can be used for other metal and non-metal processing.


      Motor powerKW0.5Rate voltageV/AC66.7(3~)
      Max speedRpm30000Max currentA8.0
      Max frequencyHz1000TorqueN·M0.12

      Cone at the end of the shaft pulsatesmm≤0.001Tooling releasing air pressureKgf/cm25.0-6.0
      Tooling change methodATCAir cutain presssure at front endKgf/cm2
      Tooling pulling forceN≥1000Tooling back air pressureKgf/cm2No
      Tooling connectionΦ3Φ4 colletCoolingwater cooling
      EncoderNocoolant pressureKgf/cm22.5~3.0
      Approach switchNoBearing lubrication methodGrease
      Balance levelG1Install methodClamp
      Vibration Valuemm/s≤0.8WeightKg1.9



      Why Choose our spindle motor

      We are the NO.1 quality spindle in China,we also offer OEM service. First, our steel has been forged under high temperature. Generally, we will put the steel for 2 years of natural aging to release stress and heat energy.

      Secondly, the runout of our spindle rotor is less than 0.001mm, so our spindle service life is generally more than 3 years.

      Thirdly,the wiring of our spindle is copper plated with silver, and the insulation effect is very good.

      Finally,our spindle bearing is after multiple tests, we finally choose the imported bearing FAG/SKF.


      Q:Are you manufacturer?

      A:Yes,we are the manufacturer of electric spindles, specialized in designing,manufacturing and maintenance of spindle motor.

      Q:Do you have technical support and after-sales service?

      A:In line with its duty to provide high-quality pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services, it can quickly deal with customers' needs and continuously improve the after-sale service level.

      Q:What are the advantages of your EEJA ?

      A:1.3-8 years long life working spindle。

      2.12 months warranty


      4.FREE Maintance training

      5.FREE repair technology training for partners

      6.Sole agent protect for distributors

      7.Enough stock support

      8.Free customized for special design

      Q:How to pay?

      A:1:Payment: T/T,e-checking, Paypal, Western union, Alipay and etc.

      Q:What is your usual mode of transportation

      A:UPS,DHL,FEDEXC,TNT,EMS and etc.

      Packing and delivery

      1. Packing in export wooden cases is strong and shoproof.

      2. The delivery time of our CNC is 15-20 days.

      3. We usually choose DHL,FEDEX and UPS.If the volume is large,we suggest air transporor sea transportation.

      4. We support TT, Credit,Paypal,western union.

      Contact us

      Foshan Nanhai Xingtuo Precise Machinery Co., Ltd.

      Tel:+757 81239106-36 Mobile/Wechat:+8615180038849



      Website: http://xingtuo.en.alibaba.com


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