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  • MOBILE:+8618038825870 , +8615180038849

  • No. 5-6 of East Road 2, Lianhe Industry Zone of Luo Cun Shishan Town of Nanhai District, Foshan City

  • E-MAIL:sales3@eejaxt.com, sales5@eejaxt.com,

  • TEL:+86-757-81263106

Company Profile

Foshan Nanhai Xingtuo Precise Machinery Co. Ltd was established in the year of 2006 in Foshansh City of Guangdong. It has the brand name of EEJA for its products.

We major in motor spindle design and fabrication. We have got good support from a big spindle company for both developments in technology and processing. We have imported grinding machines of Switzerland’s Sudder, Korean Dosan CNC, Hass CNC, Taiwan NC lathes, the machines of Haas CNC, Mazak CNC, and other china made processing machineries as well. Regarding inspection, we have dynamic balance testers, vibration testers, profilometer, spindle performance testing station, etc. We have the product series for metal cutting, grinding and tapping, wood processing, dental false tool making, 3C high speed motor, etc.

In past few years, we widen our business into CNC router design and fabrication. The CNC routers are built with motor spindles and can extend product range for more customer need.

Since 2013, we have past the ISO9001 quality system verification and were issued the certificate of ISO9001 system. In 2018, our certificate was renewed with new version of ISO9001:2015. We carry out total employee quality control and every operator is a QC first then an operator. We have reliable material supply chain. The steel for the central shaft and draw bar needs to be naturally aged for around one year. The material for bearing seat needs to be forged to get reliable inside structure therefore little deformation will arise in operation.

We aim continuously to improve our quality and service and satisfy our customers as we could.

We aim to win and win together with our customers.

Europe quality and China price is what we offer to our customers.

EEJA spindle motor Advantages:

1. Positive air pressure inside is applied to seal the products so no foreign materials can find ways to enter the spindle bodies.

2. Water route is designed inside for cooling and no over heat will happen in working.

3.The bearings are from famous brand in Japan or Germany.

4.The steel of shaft and other key components are from Japan.

5.The motor wires are well treated for high property of electrical resistance.

6.All these result in high quality of long life, precision, high speed, low shaft run-out, etc.

7.The whole manufacturing processes have been designed, tried and improved again and again to meet the high precision requirement

like the master shaft diameter in the tolerance of +/-0.001mm.

8. World class equipment is used for manufacturing and testing. Clean room is used for assembly.

9.The team of designing and manufacturing are well educated, trained and have built up their robust experience in their work.